Out There: Get Visible Online

Out There!

Set your content creation skills alight and make your brand stand out more visibly than ever before.

Starting LIVE January 31st at 9:00 AM AEST.

My Time Online

I’ve been in business for 12 years now including making online content from the start. It was not always easy, I haven’t done a perfect job, but I’ve learned a lot about content creation and visibility along the way. 

Some of my online visibility experiences:

  • Growing a Youtube channel to 20k subscribers
  • Several Youtube videos with millions of views
  • Two 6-figure businesses fuelled by content marketing 
  • New TikTok account grown to 6k followers in 6 weeks
  • Growing real businesses with small followings, even with up and down consistency
  • Content creation has led me to real growth opportunities

Followers are nice to have, but if you’re running a business, you’ll want your content marketing efforts to produce actual income. The good news is that you don’t need a large follower count to accomplish this. 


Here’s How I Can Help You

Out There, is a content and visibility program where we’ll get together live each week for six weeks, with recordings available for you to keep. 

On these calls, I’ll teach you how to make it easier to show up, be visible, and produce regular content. 

If you’ve been hiding…

If you’ve been feeling stuck with your content…

If you know that being more visible online would help your business but it all seems just too overwhelming…

I’m here to help you. 

Not only will we address all of these challenges through what I teach you on the calls, but we will actually DO the work on the spot, together. Let’s get it done and get you… Out There! 


You’ll Achieve:

During this program, you can create:

  • A content marketing strategy that is customised to suit your business and goals
  • An endless supply of content ideas, so you never have to stare at a blinking cursor again
  • A plan to have your content mapped out - for the rest of the year!
  • Increased confidence in your unique voice - say no to imposter syndrome!


Our Six Weeks Together Will Include:

  • Set clear goals for your content creation - ONE platform, frequency, format, and aim of the content. The mindset of visibility. Post today. Create this together

  • Create a content plan and schedule creation time slots. Post today. Coming up with content topics. Create this together. How to create an addictive post

  • Create one week’s worth of content on your chosen platform and schedule posting daily. Send in your posts in the group. Create together.

  • Review what’s working and where you can improve. Review this together

  • Engage with other creators for 10 minutes per day. Try this together now.

  • Plan out your biggest content year ever. Create this together now.

All of this will be covered on live weekly group coaching calls, PLUS if you upgrade to VIP you will also be working with me one on one each month for 3 months. 


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