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In this program, we will go through your entire business to look for every opportunity to enhance both its performance, and yours. 

Not only will we look at your sales processes and marketing strategy, but we will uncover any relevant mindset blocks that are coming up that are preventing you from making the massive leaps in your business that you know you are capable of. 

I will keep you accountable by assigning action-tasks week by week and I will be right there on messenger to check in with you between our sessions. 

By the end of this program, you will have more leads, more customers, a solid plan and an unstoppable mindset. 

Maybe you're curious about how one on one coaching will help you. Here's some info about what the coaching experience will be like if we work together:

  • As a coach, my goal is to help you unlock your full potential by identifying and unpacking the mental blocks that are currently stopping you. This is often related to imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and our capabilities. 
  • My coaching package runs for 12 weeks and includes 9 one hour calls over zoom. During these sessions the specifics are tailored to you and your current situation. For example, you may have a goal to launch an online program but you've been putting it off for months or years. We break this down into manageable steps and give you tasks to complete before the next session. Completing the tasks is up to you, but you know I'll be following up with you in the next session. 
  • With this package, you will also have me on Voxer support for the duration of the 12 weeks. Voxer is like a walkie talkie to me, but you can also text with it as well. If you're stuck on something, you can send me a voice message and I'll send back a reply to help you move forward, and keep you accountable!

Here's what some of my one on one coaching clients have said about the experience:

I've gotten everything that I hoped to gain from this and advice that I wasn't expecting to get. I'm really impressed that you had my website up and was ready to give me some feedback on that, that was really helpful. I've mostly been doing this alone. And that's been kind of overwhelming. Making the decision to set up a coaching session with you took several days for me to decide that I wanted to do it. But I'm really glad that I did because talking to you was really affirming that I was on the right track with some things but helped narrow down where I needed to pay a little bit more attention to. You're really easy to talk to and get feedback from which is fantastic. A lot of people I've gotten advice from are really brusque and hard to work with, and you're not like that at all. So, thank you for taking the time to do this. - Sally Fowler

Thanks Tenille Williams I’m at 500 downloads now with 5 calls booked, 1 sale and 2 pending sales!!

I really appreciated your honest, straight to the point advice and it was really helpful to chat to someone that has experience in a similar niche to me.

Thank you! - Felicity Davies

I just want to say thank you so much for your patience, your kindness, your non judgmental way you do coaching. You don't feel sorry for me, you don't pity me but you don't judge me either. You've got a real gift of being able to hold the space and reflect back what I need to hear and kindly guide me away from the shit that I'm stuck in and into what I need to be doing. it's so subtle but so powerful. You're a very valuable part of my life. - Emilia O'Hara

  • While my goal is to keep you accountable and spur you into action, I am not going to lecture you. I offer a kind and honest approach without judgement. My clients tell me that I am excellent at holding the space.
  • The kind of results achieved through coaching depend on the focus and goals we set at the beginning. My clients usually aim to grow their confidence and be more productive and visible, and / or make more money. If money is your goal you'll be glad to know that most of my students increase their income in the first month and achieve significant growth often leading to 6 figure years.
  • while making money is great, what I want to instill in you is a way of thinking and operating that will continue to grow both your bank account and your happiness so that you can have more freedom in your life
  • if you have any questions before applying you can email me at or message me on Instagram @thetenillewilliams 
  • To apply to work with me in the one on one coaching program and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have, the best thing to do is have a chat and make sure it will be a good fit for both of us. To do this, click the button below to book a discovery call. 
  • There is no obligation to continue if you aren't feeling a 100% heck yes by the end of the call. 
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